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Party like it's 198M, because the night NEVER ends! Characters, settings, and scenarios related to the City of Nocturne, Pacifia, and Bitterschadel Isle!
(Warning: Melon Gallery Maker really doesn't like any fonts using umlauts, so for clarity's sake the German word for skull has been further localized to remove all such instances of the sacred 27th letter.)

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A sneakpeak look at Akai's redesigned sprites for the Trilogy Collection! Coming soon!
The sea sponge janitor on the S. S. Kaamaa! She can drink all the chemicals under the sink, unlike you, stupid!
The bunnyman inquiry agent in the City of Nocturne! What do you mean that's called something else?
Drawn by chumbojumbo. Federally funded mystery solver! Don't ask about his homelife!
Wow! An ancient portrait of Von Bitterschadel in his bachelor* nights! (*Jack hates love and loves hate.)
A nonanimated preview of Captain Seeskumm's Quarters redesign! Wow! Fish?
Don't be fooled, Jib 'n Funk isn't the scary film, they're actually going to see "Bad Ben 6: The Way In".
Poster/Boxart by chumbojumbo. One of the flyers made for Magfest 2024! Hey, it's in color this time!
Are you ready for Invasion?
The pink furred business major with a knack for inventing the impossible, then patching it to include a self destruct button. The image corrupted during file transfer and H.O.W. refuses to call us back, so enjoy what we've salvaged!
Drawn by chumbojumbo. The mopping skills are on point!
Hey! All the skeletal crew are here!
Drawn by chumbojumbo. Hey, who's shotgun is that? Why it's Lord Jack von Bitterschadel's, of course!
It's the beloved classic television entertainment experience, now in your language/reality!
This is what videro games were before they started using algebra to make it! (Est. 197R)
WHO could be guilty??? Get it? WHO? like, if you rearrange the letters? Get it? Please tell me you hear me.
Not the Localization Board's finest work...
I can hear you, you know.
This one isn't even a poster, it's a straight up game, check it out!
An animated preview of Benny's office redesign for the Trilogy Collection!